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Thank You Mr Hacker 謝謝你中國黑客


The Original idea for this blog was to write about the tweaking and fiddling I did in Windows  (and to a lesser extent Linux). With the advent of my persistent Chinese Hacker that kind of fell by the way side as I spent most of my free time scouring logs and / or wiping my computer and reinstalling my OS. 

A year ago I would have said I was mostly a Windows user, maybe even a Windows Expert (in terms of skills and ability with the operating system). However, it became clear that Windows security wasn’t really as strong as I’d have liked. In fact with my discovery of just how easily Windows Management Instrumentation bypasses every security settings and gives you access to pretty much anything inside the OS, I decided to ditch Windows and go 100% Linux.  

I had to learn quickly when I made the change and it was very much a baptismal of fire, going from a Linux “user” of moderate ability. To get down and dirty with the nitty gritty of conf file and the terminal.


The last year has certainly been a bit of a roller coaster but ultimately I’ve learned so much along the way. Learned about hacking, penetration testing, and hardening of Windows and Linux. I’ve discovered a huge amount about computer forensics on both platforms, what to look for, what to filter out, and where to look to uncover what might have been deleted.

I’ve learned that Linux for all the claims out there isn’t nearly as secure as many linux user would like to believe and also realised that the way Linux tries to protect unauthorised access is just stupid. The whole “Sudo” password thing is just utterly stupid for most home users. As I found out, any hacker with a scrap of ability bypasses all that user nonsense and gets straight into root access anyway . Most importantly, SSH might be secure when you’re connected by easily hacked with the right dodgy certificate. 

However, here I am, a year down the line. 100% linux, not a windows machine in sight. It’s been enjoyable, fun, geeky, frustrating beyond belief at times and also incredibly satisfying. 

I’ve finally been able to give something back to the Linux community as well. OK  it’s hardly the most amazing contribution, merely the odd bit of KDE customization but I doubt I would have done that had i still been mostly a windows user. 

i wouldn’t go so far as to say I’m now a Linux expert, far from it, I’ve still got a lot to learn. But having installed somewhere in the region of maybe 30 Linux distributions or versions I think I’m fairly comfortable describing myself as a dedicated Linux user now and perhaps you can forgive me if I happen to use the word Expert on my CV because that’s the other thing. Since my job ended last month I’ve been intensively looking and feel confident enough to look at those “Linux expert” roles, read the job description and think.. “yeah I can do that”. Which wouldn’t have been the case last year.

So as frustrating and annoying and miserable it was having my little Chinese hacker visiting every day with impunity. He, she or they have really done me a favour.  Forcing me to Linux full time and forcing me to learn so much more about the deeper workings of windows, Linux and networking. 

So.. especially now that I’ve gotten rid of you at last:

You’re a fucktard, a pain and don’t come back,


Thanks for what you made me learn and do.


now if I can just get myself a new job using what I’ve learnt…..

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  1. No one of Consequence permalink

    I’ll explain what I mean about “Sudo” in a future post.

  2. OMG, this is the same shit they are doing to me. Media Extenders, Plex Media Server serving hidden boot images as Truecrypt hidden volumes. VMBR malware shit where they virtualize my entire HD and it still looks like a separate device. They even float corrupt firmware into my comcast cable modem. They have a reason to hate me though. Do a google search for Triad Godfather and you’ll see my blog listed as #1 and #2. Hahaa, it feels good to give these cowardly predators a beat down! Feel free to contact me, i’d love to chat. My email is ihitback AT

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