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Two of the Best Tiny Portable Freeware Security Tools


I love tiny applications.

I love portable applications that don’t require installing and don’t spread their files all over my system.

I love useful tools that “just work” and

I being a Scotsman, I love Freeware.

With that in mind I have two brilliant little useful Windows tools for you to download and use. (they will also run in Linux with Wine)

For my text editing needs I regularly use Notepad++, portable version of course and RJ Text Edit. Both are utterly superb text editor, coding tools and general development and web development tools. They are both superb and I’d be lost without them.  But sometimes you just want something that opens a text file and you just need Notepad. Trouble is, notepad sucks arse. there are plenty of replacements but none of them are so tiny, so feature packed and so useful as Edxor – THE Notepad replacement application.

EdXor, The tiniest most feature packed text editor money can't buy


Weighing in at a staggering 30kb, (35k if you get the “Installer”) Edxor has to be the most feature packed text editor I’ve ever seen. It comes with a slew of security related tools. You can encrypt and decrypt files as well as text. It can create and translate binary text, ascii, base64 and hex.

It converts upper to lower or lower to upper case ‘

Unwraps lines, sorts lines of text, Supports Rot13, Rc4, SHA1 encryption and decryption algorithms.

It lets you compare two files for changes and differences.

Clipboard enhancements, quick paste quick grab, multiples of both, double buffers, so you can switch between two files instantly, Command assignment, find replace.

The ability to “patch” elements of files without opening them directly.

It even comes with a built in tiny task manager that will allow you kill windows processes that get out of hand.

It has the wondeful ability to merge two one file into another, to “append” one program at the end of another, great for hiding sensitive information or documents – the file still operates in exactly the same way as it always does but with your secret items at the end that only EdXor can open and decode. Otherwise no one would ever know it was there.

You can easily copy this and use it in place of the original notepad, as I do. and the author has provided a couple of registry files that will add right click “open with edxor” context menu to Windows Explorer. Overall I can’t rate this highly enough, the tinies of applications with a whopping set of extremely useful features squashed inside.

Did I mention that it’s just 30k and completely free?

Grab your copy from the Author’s Website link image


While you’re there check out some of the other excellent tiny security related tools, Escpecially this one:

A tiny, portable, highly secure, password keeper.

You might be a fan of Keepass, or Lastpass, and they certainly are good, but Keepass, good though it is, I find a bit fiddly to use when all you want to do is just grab that password for the website, or you need to find that code you used for that secure zip file you need to unlock. 

Most of the time, I just want to see quickly and easily be able to add a password and just as easily read it back. I don’t want to categorize it, or add a url, or have it autofill the form for me (good though that is as a feature)

This is where passpack just excels. A mere 105Kb in size, yes you read that right a full password storage system in just 15Kb. Stick it on the tiniest of usb sticks, or save it to your dropbox and have it instantly upload to the cloud.

If you’re looking for something graphically pleasing with a pretty interface, this isn’t for you. What you get is a tiny text tool with Import, Export, search and enhanced clipboard tools. No forms to fill in, no categories, you create what you want and use it how best suits you. This from the documentation.

Right-click or click Util/Copy to copy a selected item to the clipboard. Press F1 through F8 to copy lines 1 through 8 of an item to the clipboard. For example, if an item has three lines:

…you could press F2 to copy line 2 (user name) and then F3 to copy line 3 (password).

Press F12 to hide the item list when someone is looking over your shoulder. You will still be able to select a particular item, edit it or use F1-F8.


It not only “just” does the job, but it does it quickly, easily and superbly. As a long time Keepass user, I find this much much easier and quicker to use and it lets ME decide how to store much or how little information I want to store. No installer, no dlls, no .net requirement, just a single  15Kb Exe.

Grab your copy from the Author’s Website link image

Both of these applications are regularly run on Windows XP, 32and 64Bit Windows 7,  and (K)Ubuntu 11.10 (using Wine 1.3).


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